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Terms of use and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Content Publishing

The ERP Summit publishes content sent by companies, professionals, press offices and prepared by the ERP Portal editorial team itself, with full knowledge and authorization of the prescribed sources. This activity is subject to moderation by the editorial team, which reserves the right to approve or disapprove the content if it does not comply with the Editorial's publication guidelines or is not related to the scope of the event (with a focus on in IT and ERP area).

Any and all content published on the ERP Summit website to be replicated must have express authorization from the ERP Summit organization, and dissemination or republication of articles without due authorization is prohibited.


In accordance with Internet practices and Internet policy regulatory bodies, ERP Summit is committed to protecting any and all information from its customers and partners, except with formal and written authorization granted by them.

Each email sent by ERP Summit presents the unsubscribe option in the footer of the message, in accordance with current regulations.

At any time, the USER may cancel their account and request the deletion of all their information that is under the responsibility of ERP Summit.

Request for Access to an Exhibition or Congress

For the safety of everyone present, ERP Summit collects data to define a profile and better experience at event, and the professional to access the event areas must be recognized and identified.

About the use of Cookies

This website may use cookies and/or web beacons when a user accesses the pages. The cookies that can be used are associated (if applicable) only with the browser of a given computer.

The cookies that are used on this website may be installed by it, which originate from different servers operated by it, or from third-party servers that provide services and install cookies and/or web beacons (for example, cookies that are employees to provide advertising services or certain content through which the user views advertising or content at a predetermined time). The user will be able to search their computer's hard drive as instructed by the browser itself.

The user has the possibility of configuring their browser to be notified, on the computer screen, about the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on the hard drive. Information relevant to this configuration is available in the browser's instructions and manuals.

Questions and other questions

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email contato@portalerp.com